Walking The Way

The Gallus Gals and I are in training for the West Highland Way Challenge in June to raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Despite some residual fragility from Saturday night’s carousing, we were up and at it on Sunday morning to hike 12 miles along the WHW (actually it was 11.8 miles, taking 3 hours 45 mins and burning over 900 calories according to Grace’s walking app.)

Whilst walking we talked earnestly about a range of things, including farming, depilation, exes, birthdays, cancer and the menopause. We’re at an age where we’re trying to work out whether our mood swings are as a result of diminishing oestrogen or whether we’re just grumpy old women. (I’m coming to terms with it – it’s my menopause and I’ll cry if I want to.) There were hot flushes all round – not as a result of the change of life – but because there were steep bits. We’re not over-fond of steep bits and the hills were alive with the sound of peching. When Anne suggested we climb some Munros this summer, she was greeted with the sound of silence.


We stopped for lunch in the village of Drymen and tucked into hearty grub, in an effort to replace those burned-off calories and then we felt a bit sleepy. As we’d taken only one car, we had to hike back the same way we came and there was a bit of muttering about getting a taxi, phoning a friend to pick us up and more steep bits. But we rallied and carried on valiantly, speeding up perkily near the walk’s end end as the pub was definitely beckoning.

If you would like to donate to my West Highland Way Challenge please visit https://www.justgiving.com/Wendy-Smith2015/

For more information on The Challenge visit http://www.breakthrough.org.uk/support-us/find-event/west-highland-way-challenge

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