Hopes and Fears

Recovering from the aftermath of breast cancer, my hope is to walk my way back to health and happiness while blogging along the way, as a record of my progress. This week I’ve encountered my first setback…..I’ve realised that what I know about blogging might just fill up the side panel of a fag packet. In fact, I’m a complete novice. I don’t know the system or the jargon and navigating my way through Dashboards, Gravatars, Hovercards, Tags, Categories and My Stats is rather more than my medication-addled, long-underutilized brain can cope with. I keep jumping back to the help and support function – when I can find it – and fear I will never master this particular digital art. I also look at the fabulous recommended sites and realise I have blog-envy. This was never meant to be about the green-eyed monster and I keep telling myself: ‘You can do it’. So when I should be out and about in the Scottish outdoors, clocking up the miles, I’m finding that I spend more time in front of my laptop, in my office-cum-kitchen, trying to get my head around my blog site but more often staring at the view from the window (pictured). Clearly, this isn’t going to work. I want to walk and then I want to blog about it. Simple. So rather than bamboozle myself with this blogging business, I’ve decided I need a mentor. Blog masters of the world, feel free to apply.

2 thoughts on “Hopes and Fears

  1. Great view–I can see why you can get distracted. I am also dipping my toe in WordPress so I can identify:( My neck and shoulders hurt from all this clicking–Ouch!

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